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MY RETIREMENT HELPER longerlife Resveratrol

Don't think I am making this very clear But money isn't the biggest motivator health is First foremost
xnlife is teaching you the most Cost effective way to live longer!
New way xnlife is to helping baby boomers with there lives :)

Omega-3 fatty acid metabolite inhibits angiogenesis and fish oil may enhance immune function
Vitamin D improves muscle function
Resveratrol  NEWS on Telomere length associated with a number of age-related diseases

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                                             Longer healthier life 
                             XNLIFE = to extend life



SUMMARY is This is a diamond in the ruff

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Grape Seed Extract Provex cv provides 120mg of Resveratrol daily 

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This report is on the health and preventative benefits 
  • The first category is protection against pollution and environmental toxins. As nature's most potent antioxidant, GSE helps to reduce and prevent free radical damage. It also reduces the rate of aging and wrinkling of the skin, and reduces the risk of cancer.
  • The second category involves age-related illnesses. GSE improves joint flexibility and prostate function, reduces mental aging and enhances energy.
  • Thirdly, GSE benefits auto immune diseases by enhancing the immune system, reducing inflammation, helping to control allergic responses and balancing the breakdown of proteins.
  • Fourth, GSE benefits nutritional deficiencies by reducing fatigue, improving visual acuity, reducing the frequency and severity of colds and enhancing the benefits of vitamins.
  • Finally, probably the most significant benefit of GSE is its protection against cardiovascular disease. GSE not only reduces the risk of heart disease and stroke, but also helps improve peripheral and central circulation, reduces varicose veins, repairs artery and vascular lining and aids in resistance to bruising.
 The latest research has confirmed that combining the premium grape seed, grape skin, quercetin, ginkgo biloba, and bilberry extracts in PROVEXCV®& PROVEV CV Plus with Reveratrol with Melaleuca's proprietary enzyme blend greatly enhances the absorption of the flavonoids and thereby increases their antioxidant and platelet regulating properties. The results of research behind PROVEXCV® has been documented in the Journal of Investigative Medicine

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