Friday, July 25, 2014

Summer is here and so was my retirement Yahooo!!!! Anyway summer means spring fishing so I was going to put some pics up

Sunday, January 5, 2014

VALLE DE BRAVO Team Pollo 2014

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Aging is a funny thing you think you are fine ,don't need to do that ?then you wakeup look in the mirror  
Maintenance is the KEY

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 1) exercise
                                                             2)Don't eat crap you know what I'm talking about
                                              3) There are three main supplements

Valle de Bravo 2014 this rock is named Penion

My stroll  back to the main road

Two little buddies I met on the way

Not a 5star but 200 peso's a day

My view from my balcony (Sun is Good:)

If you look up in the picture maybe enlarge you can see paraglider

Yes Mexico have Christmas too! In the Centro they have many fiestas

Local artisans selling there products lots of good silver baskets etc

Lake Valle de Bravo

Ok this is where we Launch

Three kings going towards the antennas

One of my trips back to the Lake One of many!!

Coming from antennas seeing if I can do more like going towards Toluca MX

Already at cloud base Lets go!!

Did i say yet but paragliding is FUN

Yes  to the Lake and a cross to the other side

She a sweet glider Ozone Delta 2

Hope you enjoyed:)
Paragliding 2014