Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Looking for adventure tourism Paragliding tandem

Paragliding tandem in GDL or Lake Chapala , Ajjic  , Jocotepec http://gethighparagliding.com
Camilo is trained and sign off by Jim Reich with http://flybc.org for Mexico , USA , Canada

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

33rd Square: Breakthrough Points the Way for DNA-Based Computer...

33rd Square: Breakthrough Points the Way for DNA-Based Computer...:   Molecular Electronics   Scientists have announced a significant breakthrough toward developing DNA-based electrical circuits....

Monday, August 4, 2014

Willi 2014 Paragliding

World class Para-gliding site is Golden BC !  Flying here without bad weather is one of the best places for your personal best? 2014 turned out to be one of the better turn out in years (80+ enrolled in the WILLI )

If you would like to do a personal best this is the place to do it 100km or more
During the Willi there is 5 dollar breakfasts great camping at the landing Zone and more

July 26 to Aug 1 2014 at Golden BC Canada

All Three of my flights were out and returns 53 km and return 106 km all together 

Ozone delta 2

Why shouldn't you live longer?

Studies show thousands of people that are interested in life extension. As for me, I have been doing research on it for ten years now. Finding good and safe ways to be healthier, and help to live longer with a better immune system!

The start of life extension why shouldn't you live longer
What the Government does not want you to know because of the life expectancies ratio. For anyone born past 1960 you are now looking at a retirement age of 67 years now. That's because we are already living longer, yes but read on and find ways to screw the government death ratio!! Even More.

Studies show that there are thousands of people that are interested in life extension. As for me I have been doing research on it for ten years now. Around 40, I had a big health scare, "that's another story" it made me more interested to finding out good and safe ways to be healthier, to help to live longer and have a better immune system!

I know when you are in you twenty; looking after your self is nonstarter plus you probably thought you wouldn't make it past 40 any way. So now that you are past forty now what? There are things that will help with longevity and these are the three main things to put into a daily routine.

One of the biggest is exercise, then goes to bad habits you know what most of these are? But now the three main supplements are Resveratrol, Omega 3,and Quality multi-vitamin and Quality calcium, vitamin D, magnesium. With just these supplements your life expectantly can go up 30 to 40 percent. There is a lot more but this is the big three. Vitality for life, Provex cv, Phytomega This Company I work with started with two things in mind, one is to always have the best products and second to have a good compensation plan to enhance the lives of each family one at a time. Please do your do diligent and really ponder this it is your life, Start taking care of your body.
One thing that really bugs me is that people will give their animals supplements and soak money there, but when it comes to them, no way?? "Cannot spend a penny on myself". The health and wellness company, that is one of the best in its field of research and development will be dedicated in finding more new, and exciting products through partnering up with doctors and universities to bring us the best to the market. Will be diligently year after year bringing new and good tasting well working cost saving products.

Excellent for the average person, to the elite athlete to someone that wants to lose weight, to picky children to get them the vitamins' and minerals they need.
Please don't dismiss this too easy?
My hopes are for you to think about what you have read here today and take a stand towards your health. If you have any questions or need more info please do not hesitate to get in touch with me though my blogger account.or normlawlor@gmail.com
Ph 6048692273  and we will get you started today in Melaleuca



If you click on these pics to make larger you will see the rockies better

My magic ride 

If you click on these pics to make larger you will see the rockies better

WOW Canada WOW Life is Good

If you click on these pics to make larger you will see the rockies better

If you click on these pics to make larger you will see the rockies better

If you click on these pics to make larger you will see the rockies better at this point I'm over 4000 Meters 

All Three of my flights were out and returns 53 km and return 106 km all together 

Fountain of youth
Yes, as of 2014 there is no one pill that you wake up in the morning and you are all young again? But they are working fast at finding new ways to Possibly live longer with proven treatments. Through grants from Zuckerberg the Face book inventor and others. I been being doing research by looking through life extension foundation Dr. oz and other health community posts and as of this moment there is the three products that will help you with your health in living longer. The 3 Are a good multi with calcium Magnesium Vitamin D other are Omega 3 and Revseratrol. I will be keeping my eye open for any new progress on any supplements or programs for helping us with our health and wellness.

As we age and reach 40 aging process speeds up so it is best to start this in your daily routine That gives you two unique ways to improve the stem cell telomerase connection. Growing younger is getting easier and easier!
http://www.melaleuca.com  TAKE A LOOK AROUND THE MAIN WEBSITE
Provex CV is a supplement that supports functioning of the heart and circulatory system with the Best side benefits is reducing the rate of aging. You cannot buy it at the stores it must be ordered on-line through a company called Melaleuca. As you can imagine this supplement does not come cheap but it's not over priced.   I think health must be a top priority you only get one life. What good is life without health so as you read this think in terms of living a better longer life and don’t get caught up on how much it costs? (You spend more on your coffee?)
Provex CV is specially designed to act on a cellular level of the body. It comes in a capsule that is filled with a very high concentrated grape seed extract called Resveratrol. It is your average sized capsule and when it is in the capsule it has no taste or smell.
One bottle will last you one month if you take the recommended dosage. It is formulated to absorb in to your body so you don’t need to take more than the recommended dosage. When I started taking this on top of what the doctor gave me I actually started to feel better and get better. My blood pressure and cholesterol are actually dropping each day. So much so that my Dr. recommended lowering the dosage of my prescription meds.
I really feel that this is not just treating the symptoms but it is actually treating the problem. And the truth about most medicines is that they only can treat the problem if they have adverse side effects because they have to be powerful. But I have never ever had problems with side effects with Provex CV. I really suggest this for all adults Men and women and younger you start the better.
You should check with your doctor about this but I am sure that they would tell you to give it a try at least. I know I wouldn't stop purchasing this even if the price got even higher. I want to live a longer healthy life and I feel like this is a part of the foundations health and wellness. I really do believe in Provex CV plus there's More

The best way to combat aging is to start a program like this that I have highlighted As a melaleuca rep I can get you started today

Friday, July 25, 2014

Summer is here and so was my retirement Yahooo!!!! Anyway summer means spring fishing so I was going to put some pics up

Sunday, January 5, 2014

VALLE DE BRAVO Team Pollo 2014

I can get you started as easy as 1call delivered to your door monthly
Aging is a funny thing you think you are fine ,don't need to do that ?then you wakeup look in the mirror  
Maintenance is the KEY

It's funny people totally understand how to speed up aging by abusing your body but if you try to explain ways to be healthier and life longer by supplements they just don't think this is possible http//xnlife.biz
 1) exercise
                                                             2)Don't eat crap you know what I'm talking about
                                              3) There are three main supplements   

Valle de Bravo 2014 this rock is named Penion

My stroll  back to the main road

Two little buddies I met on the way

Not a 5star but 200 peso's a day

My view from my balcony (Sun is Good:)

If you look up in the picture maybe enlarge you can see paraglider

Yes Mexico have Christmas too! In the Centro they have many fiestas

Local artisans selling there products lots of good silver baskets etc

Lake Valle de Bravo

Ok this is where we Launch

Three kings going towards the antennas

One of my trips back to the Lake One of many!!

Coming from antennas seeing if I can do more like going towards Toluca MX

Already at cloud base Lets go!!

Did i say yet but paragliding is FUN

Yes  to the Lake and a cross to the other side

She a sweet glider Ozone Delta 2

Hope you enjoyed:)
Paragliding 2014